SnapchatWe had a job to crack a password for one of our friend’s Snapchat account. He made a bet that out of the 4 of us we would not be able to hack into this account.  Being coders we started to get to work right away. Instead of trying to make my own program I instead scoured the internet to find out if I can hack a Snapchat account with software already available. I eventually found a few apps and I put them to the test. If they all failed then I could start working on my own software. Continue reading “2 Ways to Hack into someone’s Snapchat Account”

instagram password changeOne of the biggest problems with Instagram is its security. Anyone can find out how to hack an Instagram account without having to have any knowledge in any specific coding language. Accounts of celebrities get hacked all the time. They have no idea it happens either, not until they find out what they’ve posted from other people messaging them. Or how they can’t log into their account anymore. Continue reading “How to hack an Instagram Account with Ease”

free playstation 4 games

Many PS4 players have been searching for methods to get games for free on the Playstation Store.  It’s one of the most difficult things to do because not too many people even offer it.  Getting free PSN codes are usually done through giveaways.  One of the more popular ways is by downloading a generator that gives you codes which you can use up to fill up your PS Wallet with cash.  Having this digital currency lets you purchase anything in the PS Store. Continue reading “A few Gamers found a way to get Free PSN Codes”

Pokemon Go DittoThey finally released Ditto in Pokemon Go after how much of a wait! You wouldn’t know you had caught Ditto until after you’ve caught the Pokemon it transformed itself into.  So if you caught some lame common Pokemon like a Pidgey, it would end up showing up as a Ditto after you’ve captured it.

Before the only way to get Ditto was by actually hacking the game but this was only through versions of the game that have been cracked.  If you tried connecting to the servers with it, it would not work at all.  Unless you use a Pokemon Go hack that actually can bypass this. Ditto was already built into the game, it was just never actually officially released, if Niantic caught you with a Ditto in your account it would be taken away a soft ban would be placed on your account. Continue reading “Now you don’t need a Pokemon GO hack to get Ditto”