SnapchatWe had a job to crack a password for one of our friend’s Snapchat account. He made a bet that out of the 4 of us we would not be able to hack into this account.  Being coders we started to get to work right away. Instead of trying to make my own program I instead scoured the internet to find out if I can hack a Snapchat account with software already available. I eventually found a few apps and I put them to the test. If they all failed then I could start working on my own software.

Method 1: Apps for hacking Snapchat

I downloaded 3 programs and even found some websites that says I can hack Snapchat accounts online. Those didn’t even work properly and took forever for it to go through the process. One stood out from the rest and it did everything it said it would including: finding the password to the account, grab expired direct messages, save them as well, plus a whole lot of other options. I only had to crack my friend’s password and take a Snap of myself for me to win the competition. After I logged into this Snapchat account I gathered a few of his old Snaps to show him how much of an awesome hacker I have obtained.

It was hilarious to see the look on his face when he found out I left him my Snap. He called me up right away and asked me how I did it. I sent him some screenshots of his private Snaps and he flipped! It was gold! I didn’t share how I actually did it but for my blog reads I’ll give you the source of the Snapchat hack here.

Here’s a little quick tip a want to mention before I move on to the 2nd method. There’s a new Snapchat map feature and some people are worried. If privacy is your concern you can keep yourself hidden from everyone or selected people.

Here’s a quick little run down of how to use Snapchat maps:

Method 2: Coding my own software

So basically I didn’t even have to code a program since I was able to find a Snapchat hacking tool that works flawlessly. My buddies were not even able to come out with working software within the time frame that we had. I did win the bet and I got paid plenty. One of my friends did come close but he ran into some problems when injecting the code into the Snapchat app. He didn’t bother finding a work around once he found out that he lost.

If these hacks I found online didn’t work I would have been behind on so much time. I most likely would have lost the bet. I am reaching out to the developers to see if I can get on their team and help them hack other social accounts such as Instagram or Facebook.