free playstation 4 games

Many PS4 players have been searching for methods to get games for free on the Playstation Store.  It’s one of the most difficult things to do because not too many people even offer it.  Getting free PSN codes are usually done through giveaways.  One of the more popular ways is by downloading a generator that gives you codes which you can use up to fill up your PS Wallet with cash.  Having this digital currency lets you purchase anything in the PS Store.

Digital copies of video games

digital games vs discs

Downloading new and upcoming games is a lot more convenient for a lot of people.  People either just don’t have the time to go out and buy the game from the store.  Or they don’t want another box taking up room in the space that they have.  A lot of Playstation 4 owners can upgrade the internal storage device to accept bigger and faster hard drives.  You can even throw in an SSD in the console for faster load times.  There are video games with massive load times and if you are playing these games from a physical disc, loading times can take even longer.  Having the game downloaded and on an SSD will give you the best experience with less down time.

Playstation Code Generators work

playstation code generator

If you’ve downloaded a code generator, you’ve probably gotten some codes that don’t work.  This could be because the code has no been activated yet or it has already been used by someone else.  The moment you get the PSN code is the time that you should redeem it from the Playstation Store.  Even if you’re not on your PS4, you can do it from your Android or iPhone with the PS App.  Codes can be redeemed through the App without any fuss.  Just enter it in, and you will see the balance in your wallet go up.

We tested out these PSN code generators and have had great success.  The hacks that they offer give us a wide array of options.  From changing our screen names (Sony you need to step up your game, people have been asking for this forever) to getting any game we wanted.  We used it up to the point where we had no more room left on the hard drive.  So we had to delete a few games.  The good thing about it is we’re still able to download any game from the Playstation Store at anytime.  The only con is download time; it’ll suck if you have a slow connection with your bandwidth getting capped.

We highly recommend you try downloading one of the apps.  What have you got to lose?  The games you get are free!  We did have to complete one survey before we got access to the software but the thing is that it’s worth it.  Getting an infinite library of video games for life is a deal I’ll take any day.