instagram password changeOne of the biggest problems with Instagram is its security. Anyone can find out how to hack an Instagram account without having to have any knowledge in any specific coding language. Accounts of celebrities get hacked all the time. They have no idea it happens either, not until they find out what they’ve posted from other people messaging them. Or how they can’t log into their account anymore.

Stronger Passwords for your Accounts

Some people use such simple passwords without using two-step authentication. This makes it too easy for hackers to crack the Instagram account. It doesn’t matter if you have a private account, you’re still at risk. You’re at risk of losing all your photos and videos. These are memories that can’t be replaced. If I were you I’d set Instagram to save anything I’ve posted to make a backup within my smartphone. You can do this for any iOS or Android device, it’s checked automatically when you install and sign up for Instagram.

  • Use a strong password containing numbers, letters, special characters, and different size cases
  • Enable two-step authentication
  • Secure email that you used to sign up with – give it a strong password
  • Log out after every use

There are so many ways you can hack Instagram without getting caught. Most hackers leave no trace behind. By connecting through a public network and using a VPN or proxy, it makes it super difficult to track the person(s) who are performing the hack. Often times, they leave some kind of insignia behind which is supposed to represent their “calling card” just so they know who’s behind all the hacks.

Hacking Software

The apps and software we tested make short work of Instagram accounts with weak passwords. We did a test on one account that had a 8 letter password and another with a strong 14 character password. The software was able to crack the 8 letter password within mere seconds. This completely blew our minds, we thought it would at least take a few hours. The scary thing is it was able to hack the 14 character password in a couple of minutes. So we decided to do a couple of more tests on dummy accounts that had been phone verified. Now, this took a little longer because if you enter in an incorrect password too quickly in between each login attempt, you get locked out. Using the app took a bit longer, we had to let it run for a few hours before the password was in our possession. If you’re really trying to get into the account then the wait is worth it. Taking screenshots without notifying them can be done by just going into airplane mode while you’re in the direct messages tab.

Knowing that there are these types of hacks available for public download made us instantly change all our passwords. Not just for Instagram but for every other online account we had online. Getting hacked sucks, so take the steps necessary to ensure it doesn’t happen to you. At times it is inevitable. If databases get hacked and the encryption gets decrypted, a ton of login information will be lost. This has happened to Yahoo before and it is a continuing problem for their customers.